Edwin Moses

Edwin Moses

Chief Executive Officer

  • With Ablynx since 2004 (Chairman from 2004 -2013; CEO since 2006)
  • Previously: Amersham International, Raggio-Italgene, CEO and Chairman of Oxford Asymmetry International before the £316M merger with Evotec 
  • Extensive Board experience with more than 15 life science companies in Europe - 4 IPOs and multiple M&As

After completing his post-doctoral research in Germany, Dr Edwin Moses began a successful commercial career at Amersham International, Enzymatix and Raggio-Italgene. From 1993-2001, first as CEO and later as Chairman, he was responsible for the growth of Oxford Asymmetry (OAI) through a series of venture rounds cumulating in a flotation (LSE) in 1998 at a value of £120 million. This was followed by a sale of the company to Evotec Biosystems in 2000 for £316 million. During this period, OAI grew from four people to over 250. Over the past fourteen years, Edwin has played an important role at Board level (primarily as Chairman) in over 15 European life science companies. During this time he has been involved in a number of financing rounds, a series of M&A transactions and four IPOs.

He has been Chairman of Ablynx from 2004 till 2013, and in 2006 he was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Company.

Apart from and in addition to his duties as CEO of the Company, Edwin Moses is the Chairman of the Board of Capricorn Health-tech Fund (Belgium). Furthermore, in addition to Ablynx, he has held Board memberships with the following companies: Clinphone Group plc (UK), Fusion IP plc (formerly Biofusion plc) (UK), Phoqus Pharmaceuticals Ltd (UK), Pharmaceutical Profiles Ltd (UK), Proimmune Ltd (UK), Paradigm Therapeutics Ltd (UK), Avantium Technologies (the Netherlands), Ionix Pharmaceuticals Ltd (UK), Evotec OAI AG (Germany), Bioimage A/S (Denmark), Inpharmatica Ltd (UK), Prolysis Ltd (UK), ProPharma Ltd (UK), Lectus Therapeutics Ltd. (UK) and European Biopharmaceutical Enterprises.


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